Welcome to NEMO’s documentation!

\[\ddot{ {\bf r}}_i \, = \, -G \sum_{j=1;\, j \not = \,i}^N {m_j \,({\bf r}_i - {\bf r}_j) \over {(r_{ij}^2 + \epsilon^2)^{3/2} } }\]


This draft is a work in progress, and started on April 27. It is an updated version of the old (latex) NEMO Users and Programmers Guide. We hope to have this converted sometime in this Summer (2021) when version 4.3 is blessed. Not all sections from the old manual were taken, but we also added some new sections.

Other online entry points for NEMO are: github pages and github code . We also keep an index to (unix) man pages for all programs.

Although this manual should be on https://astronemo.readthedocs.io we also keep a local copy readthedocs on astroumd.


(*) are sections that have not been fully cleaned up and can contain old latex markup

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